Population Change in Allegheny County 2010 – 2020

The dashboard below shows how the populations of municipalities in Allegheny County changed between the 2010 and 2020 Census. You can click on the tabs across the top of the dashboard to see population changes for specific racial groups.

Key Points:

  • Between 2010 and 2020, the total population of Allegheny County grew for the first time in a decennial census since 1960. Most of this growth was concentrated in the western half of the County. The population of the City of Pittsburgh declined slightly, along with many eastern and Mon Valley municipalities.
  • The largest demographic change was the 190% increase in the number of County residents who identify as multiracial. According to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, such a large shift is driven not just by a change in who’s living here, but also changes in how people already living here identify. Some of the changes in populations of other racial groups that can be seen on the dashboard are also partly due to this shift in how people identify.
  • The White alone population decreased at the County level (-5.1%), however it is still by far the largest racial demographic in the County (76% of residents).
  • The City of Pittsburgh saw a decline in the number of both White and Black residents; however the percentage decrease in the Black alone population (-13.4%) was more than double the decrease in White alone (-5.9%).
  • The Black alone population of Allegheny County increased slightly, as the decline in the Black population of the City of Pittsburgh was more than offset by increases in many other municipalities throughout the County. The Black alone population is the next largest racial demographic in the County (13.1% of residents).
  • Allegheny County has gotten more diverse over the past decade: in addition to the changes described above, there were large increases in the number of residents identifying as Asian (+71.7%) and Hispanic of Latino (+80%). These increases occurred throughout the County.

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