Position-Based Budgeting

Position-based Budgeting Tool

Controller O’Connor’s Position-based Budgeting Tool provides a snapshot of County operations by showing current full time personnel and salary information by department. This tool provides a new level of transparency and public access into government operations. Currently, the County’s yearly Operating Budgets don’t include position-by-position details for personnel. The data shown here is sourced from the JDEdwards financial management system operated by the Controller’s office.

Use instructions:
  • Each box in the graph corresponds to a County Department. Hovering over the box will indicate the department, the amount budgeted for salaries within that department, and the percentage of total County salaries this amount represents.
  • Use the drop down menu at the right to define a department. The graph now shows the divisions within that department, the amount budgeted for salaries within that division, and the percentage of the department’s total salaries the division represents.
  • The table below the graph shows the corresponding information. Expand the division to show individual positions.
  • The positions shown can also be filtered by Budget Type using the second drop down menu. To learn more about budget types, see the footnotes.