A new Position-based Budgeting Tool developed by the office of Allegheny County Controller Corey O’Connor provides a snapshot of County operations by showing current personnel and salary information by department. This tool provides a new level of transparency and public access into government operations. Currently, the County’s yearly Operating Budgets don’t include position-by-position details for personnel. The data is sourced from the JDEdwards financial management system operated by the Controller’s office.

“Personnel is a major expense for most large operations, and County government is no exception with salaries making up roughly 30 percent of the Operating Budget. Where our human resources are allocated also is an important indicator of what our priorities are as a county. Our new tool gives the public as well as our policymakers an important lens on this aspect of our government, as this level of detail has not previously been included in any standard report or public documents issued by the County,” O’Connor said.

With the new tool, users can see the total budget for all full-time salaries and for currently filled full-time positions; an interactive depiction of the percentage of the County’s total full-time salary budget each department comprises; and full-time salary information for each division in a given department down to anonymized individual-level.

“My many thanks to the dedicated and innovative work of my staff who have developed this important new tool for government transparency,” O’Connor added.

The Position-based Budgeting Tool can be accessed here.