Property Tax Estimate Worksheet

Property Tax Estimate Worksheet

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How this worksheet estimates your taxes:

  • Current estimated taxes: To calculate your current estimated taxes, your current base year market value is multiplied by your County, local, and school district tax rates. If you indicate that you are eligible for Allegheny County’s homestead exemption, it subtracts $18,000 from the base year market value before calculating your County taxes. However, the calculator does not adjust for homestead exemptions that municipalities/school districts might offer, nor does it adjust for other County abatements like Senior Citizen Tax Relief; if you qualify for those programs, the tax estimates shown here may be higher than what you actually owe.
  • Estimated taxes AFTER appeal: To get your post-appeal assessment estimate, the sale value of your property is multiplied by the Common Level Ratio, which is currently set at 63.6% for 2023. That post-appeal assessment is then multiplied by your County, state and local tax rates to get your new estimated taxes. If you indicate that you qualify for the County’s homestead exemption, the estimate of your new County taxes (and only your County taxes) is adjusted to reflect that.
  • Estimated increase or decrease: Your post-appeal assessment and tax estimates are subtracted from your current assessment and tax estimates.

Additional notes and resources:

If you qualify for the Homestead exemption and/or the Senior Citizen Tax Relief you may qualify for similar exemptions on your local taxes. Check your local municipal tax website for more information.

Disclaimer – This website and the figures thereon DO NOT represent actual tax liability or formal tax bills for Allegheny County taxes, public schools taxes, municipal taxes, or other taxes. The purpose of this website is to generate a rough estimate of potential tax liability based on proposed values, millage rates, and exemptions that are all subject to change. This website should only be used as a resource  and no user shall rely on the data generated, given, or extrapolated from this page for tax liability or any other purpose and any user who does so, does it at their own risk. Allegheny County and the Allegheny County Controller’s Office assumes no liability for the data on or generated by this page and assumes no liability for any user’s usage of, or reliance on it.