Controller Duties & Functions

Controller Duties & Functions

The Allegheny County Controller’s Office consists of the Accounting, Audit, and Management Systems divisions, as well as administration staff.

The Accounting Division’s mission is to monitor fiscal affairs of the County; prepare and certify the statement of indebtedness of the County; approve payroll; and provide financial reports in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. This includes disbursing funds in a timely manner and in accordance with the County’s adopted budget, grant requirements, contractual specifications and obligations.

Within Accounting, the Payroll section processes the paychecks of the entire County workforce.

Through the Auditing Division, the Controller ensures that the County is achieving honest, efficient management and full accountability through every aspect of government. The Controller may audit at any time any account of any agency receiving, disbursing, or authorizing the disbursement of county funds. Audits are performed in compliance with Government Auditing Standards and is peer reviewed by the Association of Local Government Auditors.

Within Audit, Construction Inspection reviews all new construction, renovation, land use development and public works facility construction projects from start to completion.

The division of Management Systems is responsible for maintaining the County’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial management software while supporting the Controller’s Office Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functions and sustaining the office’s hardware and software systems.

In addition, the Controller maintains a professional Administration Division to nimbly and quickly respond to the needs and concerns of constituents, taxpayers, and vendors.

The Controller serves ex officio as a member of the Allegheny County Retirement Board, Investment Board, Jail Oversight Board, and Juvenile Detention Board of Advisors.

Accounting Division

The Accounting division is responsible for all payment Inquiries through out the county. 

Payroll Division

The Controller’s Office oversees payroll for the entire county. Please call 412-350-3938 with any questions

Auditing Division

The auditing unit is responsible for conducting audits on various issues throughout the county, and for conducting inspections on capital construction projects.

The auditing division is routinely peered reviewed to meet the highest in governmental auditing standards.

Administrative Division

The administrative division is responsible for overseeing monitoring of prevailing wage, providing services to constables, responding to and managing reported cases of waste, fraud and abuse.

Management Systems Division

The management systems division is responsible for managing the systems of the county including the ERP System – JDEdwards EnterpriseOne, the ECM system – OnBase, and the general technology infrastructure (e.g. phones, servers, network, etc.)

Community Affairs

The community affairs unit is responsible for representing the controller in various communities of the county. Contact 412-350-4660 to request a representative of the County Controller at your next community meeting or event.