Jail Oversight Board

The Controller serves ex officio as a member of the Allegheny County Jail Oversight Board. This Board ensures discipline and safekeeping of prisoners and also proper management of the County Jail.

The meeting are open to public in the Gold Room of the Allegheny County Courthouse. Due to the importance of public input, individuals may submit comments and questions online to the Jail Oversight Board prior to the meeting by clicking on the link below. All comments/questions must be submitted no later than 12:00 noon the day before the board meeting.

Submit Comments or Questions


Comments and questions submitted will be read in their entirety provided they do not exceed 5 minutes and will be presented in the order in which they were received. Depending on the number of comments received, some may not be read at the meeting. All comments/questions, including those in excess of 5 minutes, will be given to the Board and made a part of the meeting Minutes.


View LIVE and past meetings on the Jail Oversight Board YouTube channel.

PLEASE NOTE: Meeting minutes are posted after the proceeding month’s meeting where they are approved for accuracy. Warden’s reports containing information from the previous month are presented at the next board meeting (Example: the Warden’s report presented to the board at the April meeting would be for the month ended March 31st)


September 1, 2022 Jail Oversight Board Meeting Agenda

Jail Oversight Board Liason

The Jail Oversight Board is hiring a liaison to assist the JOB in fulfilling its statutory duties pursuant to 61 Pa.C.S. §§ 1721-28. The position will be housed within the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office but the Liaison will be managed by the entire board. 

Warden's reports

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Meeting minutes

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Past agendas

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Past Public Comments

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