Allegheny County Controller Corey O’Connor announced today that he will partner with Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG), a coalition of local community-based organizations focused on housing fairness and equity, and the Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh to hold information sessions on property owners’ rights in the County’s property assessment and appeals process. The sessions are currently being scheduled and are expected to be held in multiple locations around the county beginning after Labor Day.

“Legal proceedings and media attention around the property assessment process has led to questions from many residents about what their rights are and how to navigate the appeals process when necessary. I am pleased to be able to use the resources of my office to provide information to residents and to make sure our County government is working effectively for them,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor said that legal professionals experienced in assessment issues as well as experts from the partner organizations will be present at the sessions.

“Helping Allegheny County residents understand how the property assessment process impacts them and how to navigate it is key to making sure homeownership remains accessible in our communities and help families achieve security. Unfortunately, we have witnessed the inequities of the current assessment system play out in some of our neighborhoods, negatively impacting longtime residents who have lived in these neighborhoods their entire lives. PCRG is excited to partner with County Controller O’Connor on this community education program, both to make sure homeowners have the necessary resources and to better understand their concerns about our assessment system,” said Chris Rosselot, Director of Policy at PCRG.

“For homeownership to be truly accessible, home buyers need a predictable and fair system of property assessment that they are able to understand and navigate. Most people wouldn’t buy a home without understanding what their mortgage payments are going to be, but many are in the dark about what their tax payments may be or how to ensure they are fair through the appeals process. It’s great to see an elected official like Controller O’Connor helping both prospective and longtime homeowners get a better grasp of this complex process,” said John Petrack, Executive Vice President of the Realtors Association.

O’Connor praised his partner organizations in the public education effort.

“PCRG and its members work every day to ensure that homeownership remains accessible in our region and helps communities grow and thrive, and Realtors make essential contributions to helping residents achieve their dreams of owning a home. I am grateful for their expertise and partnership and know they will provide great value in our efforts to inform county residents about their rights and options,” he said.

Dates and locations of the sessions will be announced as they are scheduled.

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