Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner held a Press Conference today to mark the launch of
OpenGov Allegheny and Allegheny County Contracts Online, innovative tools that bring an
unprecedented level of openness and transparency to County finances and operations.

"County residents will have a brand new wealth of information on their government at their fingertips,
leading to increased engagement and accountability,” Wagner said.

ØOpenGov is an online tool that presents County financial data in a user-friendly, interactive format.

ØCounty Contracts Online provides easily searchable online access to all contracts executed
by Allegheny County.

Both platforms can be accessed through Controller Wagner’s Web site,www.AlleghenyController.com,
and will be updated regularly to provide the most current data.

Wagner said she hopes the enhanced level of transparency these tools provide can serve as an example
to other public entities, especially the County’s largest public authorities, which together spend
more annually than County government itself.

“I would urge our public authorities to see in these tools the level of transparency and accountability
that can and should be available from public bodies, and I continue to offer the resources of my office
to partner with the authorities to help them move into the era of open government,” Wagner said.

“These tools are a significant step forward in my continual efforts to bring government spending and operations
into the open and closer to our citizens than ever before. I am confident that these will be valuable resources
for the public and the press, and am excited that they are now ‘live.’”

Lou Takacs, Communications Director